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Port Salutes Senior Student Athletes

June 5, 2017 - Port Jervis, NY - The Varsity Club of Port Jervis High School held the 9th annual PJHS Senior Sports Awards Banquet at the Erie Trackside Monday.  This event showcases the talents and achievements of our graduating senior student athletes.  Ron Semerano, Athletic Director, was the master of ceremonies.

The program this year included a very special guest.  Colonel Steve Banach, U.S. Army (Ret.), PJHS Class of 1977, returned home and gave a powerful speech on the power of believing in yourself and your dreams. 

Colonel Banach spoke about growing up in Port Jervis and how this little city helped guide his life.  He credits Port Jervis and the men who coached him and his brothers as two very powerful forces that helped guide his career.  Steve's brothers, Ed and Lou, were 1984 Olympic Gold Medalists in wrestling. 

After Banach's positive words, it was time to hand out the hardware.  To his great surprise, it was Ron Semerano to get the first award.  Caityln Conklin, girls basketball coach,  presented Semerano with a poster-sized card, autographed by all the high school coaches.  Semerano recently announced his retirement from Port Jervis Schools.  "Ronzo" as he has been called by coaches and players, received a standing ovation.

The real stars of the night soon took center stage.  Awards were given each senior student athlete for their outstanding efforts.  The Rotary Club honored an exceptional player from each sport.  The coaches Scholar Athlete of the Month recipients were honored as well. 

Of particular note, 60 of the 63 graduating senior student athletes are committed to college, prep school or the military for next year. 

The individual awards, some of the most coveted prizes in Port Jervis sports, were the last to be  awarded.  The list is as follows:

OCIAA Scholar Athletes of the Year

  • Morgan Sicuro

  • Jake Stanzl

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award

  • Krystina Braid

  • Jake Stanzl

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

  • Amanda Sexton

  • Michael Conklin


Rotary Club awards

Sport  Name  Sport Name
Football  Noah Schoch Girls Indoor Track Grace Schock
Football Cheerleading  Gillian Presto  Boys Indoor Track  Justin Steward
Boys Soccer  Corey Connolly Wrestling Jose Cintron
Girls Soccer  Krystina Braid Baseball Jake Stanzl
Volleyball  Erin Cornell Softball  Lauren Rodriguez 
Girls Cross Country  Kaylah Quarshie Girls Spring Track  Lauren Waligroski
Boys Cross Country  Joe Erato Boys Spring Track  Mike Herman
Girls Tennis  Alexis Worden Boys Tennis  Douglas Prundl
Boys Basketball  Rabelle Sheppard Girls Golf  Emilia Ricciardi
Basketball Cheerleading  Devany Sylak     

Port Jervis Iron Raiders (Students who played varsity sports all three seasons)

(L-R) Lauren Waligroski, Rabelle Sheppard, Joe Erato, Jose Cintron, Kaylah Quarshie, Mike Herman, Alexis Hughson, Danielle Johnson, Scyler Phillips

2017 Coaches Awards

Salmon Lineman Award 

Barry Farace Wrestling Award 

Ed Quick Scyler Phillips
Ed Quick, with head football coach Matt Polanis
(L-R) Lou Banach, Scyler Phillips, wrestling coach John Foley

PJYFL Cheerleading Award

Luann McCarthy Courage Award

Rebecca Hulse Michael Conklin
Rebecca Hulse and PJYFL Rep. Eric Durkins
AD Ron Semerano and Michael Conklin

Pound For Pound (Female)

Pound for Pound (Male)

Morgan Sicuro Rabelle Sheppard
Morgan Sicuro and softball coach John Faggione
Football coach Matt Polanis and Rabelle Sheppard

Sportsmanship Award

Sportsmanship Award

Amanda Sexton Scyler Phillips
Volleyball coach Kasey Stankunas and Amanda Sexton
Scyler Phillips and Wrestling coach Eric Hartmann

Desire and Dedication

Desire and Dedication

Kaylah Butts-Quarshie Justin Steward
Track coach John Wright and Kaylah Butts-Quarshie
Justin Steward and Track coach Mike Sosnick

Varsity Club Most Valuable Athlete

Varsity Club Most Valuable Athlete

Kaylah Butts-Quarshie Jake Stanzl
AD Ron Semerano and Kaylah Butts-Quarshie AD Ron Semerano and Jake Stanzl