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Buildings & Grounds

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Director of Facilities III

Donald Preiss  

20 Route 209
Port Jervis, NY 12771
858-3100, Ext. 17501/17502

Supervising Custodian Thomas Oppelt

Head Groundskeeper

Danny Howey

Administrative Aide
Lynn Hendershot, Ext. 17501

Clerk Typist
Tammy Mackin Ext. 17502

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for approximately 415,000 square feet of building space across five facilities. This includes cleaning, regular maintenance, snow removal, overseeing construction work, and complying with all New York State Education Department health and safety regulations.

Our team of professionals work proudly to clean and maintain our facilities so that they are great places to learn and work.

The Department is also responsible for maintaining the District's technology infrastructure and equipment.

District Wide Safety Plan

public notices

  • Pesticide Use
    The Port Jervis School District is required by law to maintain a list of faculty, staff, and persons in parental relation who wish to receive forty-eight (48) hour prior written notification of pesticide applications at relevant facilities.  MORE
  • Asbestos Management
    In accordance with the EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, the Port Jervis School District has an asbestos management plan in place to identify and manage asbestos building materials. MORE
  • 2016-2017 Water Testing Information
    Environmental Testing Analytical Report – 420-118483-1 - (4/6)
    Environmental Testing Analytical Report – 420-118486-1 - (4/6)
    Environmental Testing Analytical Report – 420-118488-1 - (4/6)
    Environmental Testing Analytical Report – 420-118489-1 - (4/6)

    Water Testing - PJMS Letter
    Testing Results (11/27)- PJMS - Report

    Water Testing - ASK Letter
    Testing Results (9/22)- ASK - Report

    Water Testing - HBE Letter
    Testing Results (9/22)- HBE -  Report

    Testing Results (6/29)- Administration Building
    Testing Results (6/29)- Buildings and Grounds Office
    Testing Results (6/29)- High School
    Testing Results (6/29)- Middle School