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Port Jervis High School
"Port Pride!!"

PJHS Excellence Series - Dr. Kristine Young, SUNY Orange President

Port PrideNovember 7, 2016 - PJHS, Port Jervis, NY - Dr. Kristine Young, President of SUNY Orange, was the guest speaker at the Excellence Series Program hosted at Port Jervis High School.

The Excellence Series gives our top 25% academic performers a chance to meet area leaders in business, education, and government. This forum allows students to get to know these leaders and learn how their life experiences led them to positions of leadership and success.

PJHS Principal Andrew Marotta led the program.  His line of questioning began with Dr. Young's early days, her high school experiences, and how she got to where she is today.

Dr. Young didn't shy away from her younger years.  "Growing up in North East Pennsylvania was not much different that growing up here in Port Jervis", she said.  She told of the good times in high school, her role in HS band, and her memories of being school mascot.  Dr. Young recalled her desire to fit in with the "popular" kids, and not wanting to ride the school bus. This, she said, led to poor decision making and a car accident that left her with a very serious concussion.  She spoke of overcoming this set-back and working hard towards for her success.

Dr. Young went on to discuss her role as President of SUNY Orange.  She offered the audience a unique view of college and the important role a community college has in the educational process.  No longer just a "fall back option", community college has become the first option for many students.

Dr. Young remained in the auditorium after the program, answering individual questions from students.  She was personable and friendly, giving real world advice to our students.

Thank you Dr. Young for participating in our 2016-17 PJHS Excellence Series.  Port Pride!

SUNY orange president Dr. Kristine Young talks at PJHS